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Winter Holiday Traditions

Winter Time Holiday Traditions

December is here! Can you believe it?! There’s something about this time of year that’s so special to adults and kids around the world. I’d love to share some holiday traditions and activities that you and your family could consider during this Holiday Season 😊 These are sure to bring joy to you and to others!


-Watch a holiday movie (Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life, or anything that makes you think of being a kid again)

-Donate a toy to a child at Children’s Hospital

-Have Hot chocolate and eat a special treat

-Dress up in colors that signify a special Holiday or tradition that you celebrate during this season

-Donate a present to Toys for Tots or donate winter clothing to an organization supporting others

-Read holiday stories to someone in a Retirement community or nursing home

-Make and decorate a special Holiday treat for your child’s teacher

-Watch a documentary about Holiday traditions celebrated around the world

-Read your child a book about Hanukah, Christmas, Diwali, Kwanza, or Eid Al Adha

-Write a letter wishing a service member Happy Holidays

-Wear holiday socks

-Make a snow globe (kits sold on Amazon and at many toy stores)

-Offer a homeless person a blanket or hot coffee

-Make a holiday board of activities and set a goal to participate in a specific amount of Holiday activities

-Spread holiday cheer at work

-Attend a play or recital

-Learn about the history of holidays you celebrate

-Take time to thank someone who has ever helped you in the past

-Listen to a song that makes you smile

-Share a special holiday memory with your child/children

-Make a new tradition and commit to sticking to it each year