Discovery has an active Diversity and Inclusion committee that is committed to the following mission statement: Discovery will strive to celebrate, honor, and uplift diverse identities, experiences, and beliefs. We will build cultural competencies and foster brave conversations equipped with understanding. The Discovery community will be curious, respectful, and welcoming.
​Past activities and events to support our mission include an annual World Heritage Night, Diversity Movie Night, Lunar New Year in DC, providing class sets of Diversity books for each classroom teacher, and providing monthly resources to classroom teachers in order to infuse understanding and empathy throughout the school building.
These events have been successful in the past because our efforts are joint, a combined effort by Discovery Staff and Parents. We are looking to continue our efforts this school year virtually. Our efforts to be understanding of one another is of the utmost importance because of our students' age. Now is the time they learn how to treat others who are different from them in any way. If this is a commitee you would like to join, please contact Renita Upshur at