Our author visit with Lulu Delacre will be rescheduled for later in the school year. You can also find more information about Lulu and her books at www/LuluDelacre.com


In the meantime...


Discovery ES – Grab & Go – Library Book Pick Up

  • Location – Veranda outside of the Dining Commons
  • Date and Times – Wednesdays from 2:30 to 4:30  (this may expand based upon demand)
  • Starting Date – Wednesday September 16
  • All book requests must be made by Monday night – they will be ready for pick up on Wednesday.
  • Can request up to 5 books. Only 2 books from a series at a time.

How do I get books? (pick 1 option)

  • Option 1 – You pick the books – You can log into the library catalog and place holds on up to 5specific print book titles by Monday evening each week. Preschool and Montessori might want to start with 2 or 3  books. Here is a “how to” video to walk you through the steps.
  • Option 2 – We pick the books –  in the interest of your time, you can also fill out this Google Form  to let us know your child’s interest and we will select titles for you. Here is another “how to” video.

How do I pick up the books?

  • Walk up the ramp at the rear of the school, just past our garden boxes. There will be markings and signage to help maintain a six foot social distance, if there is a line.
  • You might want to bring a bag especially if you are picking up for more than one child.
  • Please have only one person from each family wait in line. If you have others with you, they can sit on the raised concrete bench at the edge of the green astro turf lawn area nearby.
  • Fifth graders are allowed to come pick up their own books by themselves.

How do I return books?

  • Returns can be brought to the veranda on Wednesday afternoons
  • There will also be a daily return bin outside of the front entrance of the school.

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 12.40.44 PM


  • Access to over 10,000 ebooks, eAudiobooks and the APS databasesScreen Shot 2020-03-20 at 2.07.47 PM
  • Tumble Books can now be found in the MackinVIA database

Looking to read shorter books in one sitting?

You probably want to use the new universal login.

  • Go to MackinVIA.com. You will see 3 boxes. Ignore the top one and fill in the bottom 2 as seen below. Use lowercase letters.
  • Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 2.09.00 PM
  • Here is a quick video to guide you through it and how to search for books.

Looking to read a longer book?

  • You probably want to use your regular student ID number and password and check out the book as students always have.
  • Here is a video to help.

Discovery Library

  • Students are encourage to – Be Brave, Be Curious, Be Kind
  • The library is open before school for book checkout.
  • Students in grades 2 to 5 are able to come to the library for book checkout at any time.
  • For these grades we also  have “unlimited book checkout” – students can checkout as many books they think they can read in a week.

APS Databases

  • Access to the more elementary friendly APS databases can be found on the left – see Online Encyclopedias, Social Studies databases and Science databases.
  • Once again students can now also accessed databases, ebooks and e-Audiobooks through MackinVIA.  On any computer, students can go to www.MackinVIA.com or through the MackinVIA app on their iPad.