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Ramadan Mubarak



May 16th marked the beginning of Ramadan, a month-long observation “by Muslims to commemorate when God revealed the first chapters of the Quran, Islam’s sacred text, to the Prophet Muhammad.” This holy month is marked by one of the five pillars of Islam—fasting, which takes place during sunlight hours and includes not only abstaining from food but from other activities and negative thoughts in order to bring oneself closer to Allah. Ramadan in the United States looks very different than it does in Islamic countries where government offices and commercial establishments have limited hours or may remain closed during daylight hours. Observing Ramadan in the U.S. can be somewhat more challenging, as government, educational, and commercial places may or may not make accommodations for those observing, and it can be even more complicated for students during May, a month of testing in many schools. This month is a great time to sit down and explore one of the world’s major religions during one of their most significant periods of purification, reflection, and celebration and to help your Explorer support their Muslim classmates and friends during this special month.


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