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Hispanic Heritage Month
As a first generation immigrant, my family didn't observe Hispanic Heritage Month.    I can imagine my mother saying, why would we dedicate a month to traditions that were special all year round for us?   Now that I'm a parent I can empathize with her.  But I also appreciate the reminder that this national observation can be for all us.  
It's a reminder to look around at each other with open minds and hearts because we just may learn something new.    This was never more evident than last year at Discovery's first World Heritage Night where our community shone so brightly with an array of beautiful cultural presentations,  performances and cuisines.  
It's a reminder, for our family,  to hit pause on our busy lives every now and then and enjoy the things that make life sweet and interesting -- not just food, but music, art, and history.   For us, it might mean getting our favorite empanadas from Luzmila's in Falls Church, taking a visit to the Museum of the American Indian,  or just digging out the old photo boxes and looking at the pictures of all the cousins,  aunts and uncles.
It's a reminder that the things that make us different are the things that can bind us together. 
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