4th Annual book fair

All students will browse for books on the Monday and Tuesday, with sales starting at 11.30 on Monday. The book fair will be open for sales on:


Monday, December 10th 11.30-1.30 and 3.30-6.00pm


Tuesday, December 11th 8.30-9.30, 11.30-1.30 and 3.30-6.00pm


Wednesday, December 12th (early release day) 8.30-9.30 and 11.30-8.00pm


Thursday, December 13th 8.30-9.30, 11.30-1.30 and 3.30-6.00pm


Friday, December 14th 8.30-9.30 and 11.30-1.30pm





Are you looking for something for your Explorer to do on Early Release days? What about P/T conference days? Look no further! Baroody Camps has partnered with Discovery to provide options for ALL students. Check them out here.




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