Discovery Sustainability Goal:

Transportation Initiative

The Eco-Action Team and Sustainability Liaisons are working towards reaching the platinum level of the Transportation Initiative this year through the Arlington Transportation Partners as our Discovery Sustainability goal. Green Leaders have been handing out stickers to students who bike/scooter to school, so that it makes it easier for patrols to identify and collect transportation data for our data panel. Also, green leaders are now counting staff cars to measure how many staff members are driving to school each day.


What we need to work on:

  • Create a plan with the PTA to reduce parent drop-off/pick ups by 20% 
  • Achieve 20% reduction in parent drop offs/pickups (that is 14 families)
  • Achieve the APS Go! goal of 30% students walking and biking (Fall 2016 APS Go! survey showed parents reported 30%, students self-reported 25%)
  • Show a 5% annual increase in students walking or biking (in addition to or instead of the above goal) (that is roughly 9 students)


How can parents help the Transportation Initiative for our Discovery community?

  • Form Carpools (we need to increase by 1)
  • Form Walking Pools
  • Form Bike Pools (we need to increase by 9 bikers)
Please contact your Sustainability Liaisons, Kathleen Krupa and Maria Burke, if you are interested in creating a biking or walking pool to school.


Discovery's Eco-Action Team is a group of parents, teachers, administrators and students committed to stewardship of the environment. The Eco-Action Team is modeled after the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-School Program.  The team has scoped out a variety of programs, including:



  • incentive programs to reduce lunch waste

  • collection of uneaten lunch food for donation to AFAC, and possible food scrap compost pick-up

  • programs to promote walking, busing, biking and carpooling

  • offering items like lunch boxes, water bottles and coffee mugs for sale through the PTA

  • production of short videos by students on environmental topics

  • outdoor education through gardening and park cleanups

  • certification of the school as an eco-school

  • making it all fun by creating celebrations and a superhero who visits the school to promote and reward green practices.

The team welcomes more ideas and involvement at their meetings!  For more information, contact Cristin Finkel.



Pack that lunch trash-free! We've seen lots of great lunches that generate no trash or recycling!  This includes using reusable containers for storing lunches and snacks and minimizing non-recyclable items including plastic/Ziploc bags, individually wrapped snacks, etc.  If you're interested in stocking up on trash-free lunch gear, visit the Amazon store for recommended products.




As we settle into school transportation routines, please keep in mind that taking the bus, walking, biking and carpooling will help the environment, as well as the school and the community. If you're interested in carpooling or walk-pooling, it's not too late to sign up for SchoolPool, which will connect you with other families. If you have feedback that will help us improve transportation options and safety, please contact our PTA's Safe Routes to School coordinator, Jacqui Hannigan.




Eco-Action meetings are held 8:45-9:30 AM in the Library (K-2) and Blue Sky Studio (3-5). For meeting topics, see APS website here