Discovery's Eco-Action Team is a group of parents, teachers, administrators and students committed to stewardship of the environment. The Eco-Action Team is modeled after the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-School Program.  The team has scoped out a variety of programs, including:



  • incentive programs to reduce lunch waste

  • collection of uneaten lunch food for donation to AFAC, and possible food scrap compost pick-up

  • programs to promote walking, busing, biking and carpooling

  • offering items like lunch boxes, water bottles and coffee mugs for sale through the PTA

  • production of short videos by students on environmental topics

  • outdoor education through gardening and park cleanups

  • certification of the school as an eco-school

  • making it all fun by creating celebrations and a superhero who visits the school to promote and reward green practices.

The team welcomes more ideas and involvement at their meetings!  For more information, contact:



Pack that lunch trash-free! We've seen lots of great lunches that generate no trash or recycling!  This includes using reusable containers for storing lunches and snacks and minimizing non-recyclable items including plastic/Ziploc bags, individually wrapped snacks, etc.  If you're interested in stocking up on trash-free lunch gear, visit the Amazon store for recommended products.




Eco-Action meetings are held 8:45-9:30 AM in the Library (K-2) and Blue Sky Studio (3-5). For meeting topics, see APS website here