SPIRIT DAY: Scrabble Letter


A Discovery Favorite! Explorers are encouraged to dress as a SCRABBLE letter. This could be as simple as masking tape applied to your Explorer’s shirt in the shape of a letter…or, if you and your Explorer are feeling extra motivated, attach one on the front and one on the back! The best part of this day is seeing all the W-O-R-D-S our Explorers are able to form in their classrooms, or throughout the day with their friends 🙂

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Discovery Merchandise

 Show your Discovery Spirit by purchasing grade-level shirts!


Shirts are $10 and are available Pre-K thru 5th grade.


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Photo: Grade-level shirts

Students are encouraged to wear their grade-level shirts on field trips, spirit days, Field Day, or any other time they feel like showing Explorer pride!

Size chart for grade-level shirts