Discovery's Food Bus


Discovery Food Bus Program - hands on, meaningful service project for youth!

Begins Monday, September 21st!


Over 2,800 pounds of food…this is how much food Discovery students donate to the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) each year through the Food Bus Program. During a typical school day, our students donate unwanted, unopened lunch items. At the end of the week, parent and student volunteers collect these items and then deliver these items to AFAC. Being virtual this school year, now more than ever, AFAC is in critical need of food donations and our wonderful Discovery community can help!


Our challenge is to donate 3,000 pounds of food this year!


This is how the Food Bus Program will work this year:


Starting Monday, September 21, two AFAC donation bins will be located directly inside of Discovery’s main entrance. Families are encouraged to donate as much, or as often as you can (Monday thru Friday, 9am-1pm). What a great chance to stretch your legs, by taking a field trip to your favorite school during your lunch/recess break. Colored markers have been left next to the donation bins, we encourage you to leave a drawing, or inspirational quote on the bins themeselves. Hand sanitizer is readily available next to the bins :)


When you come to the school to drop off, press the outside buzzer, to the left of the front entrance, and an office administrator will buzz you directly into the main lobby. There is no need to have any contact with anyone, that being said, ***ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BE WEARING MASKS WHEN THEY COME TO DROP OFF FOOD, NO EXCEPTIONS!***


To boost enthusiasm, we will have each grade take the lead for a particular month: October (5th), November (4th), January (3rd), February (2nd), March (1st), April (K), May (Pre-K). But please, anyone can donate at any time!!! 


During your month, families are encouraged to drop off food at Discovery, drive donations to AFAC, host their own food drive (yep – a virtual AFAC food drive can be done), and learn more about AFAC’s important work.


Room parents will be in touch prior to your child’s AFAC monthwith info and resources to share with students, additional food drive options and a Food Bus delivery sign up.


AFAC’s current needs:

Low sugar & low sodium tuna, soups, vegetables, tomatoes, peanut butter, cereal. Opened, expired, prepared meals or glass containers are not accepted.


If you or someone you know needs food assistance, please reach out to AFAC, 703.845.8486.


In these uncertain times, everyone has a part to play in helping our community!


Please reach out to Dimitry Beauchamp,, with questions or additional ideas about how to make this year’s Food Bus Program a success.