A-SPAN Walk to End Homelessness


On March 11, 2020, students will participate in the A-SPAN Walk to End Homelessness, as we do each year at Discovery Elementary School.

The “recommended registration fee” is $20, but any amount is welcome and we are grateful for it!

To pledge online, visit www.a-span.org and click the “Donate” button in the top right corner. Be sure to list “Discovery AND Classroom Teacher Name” in the special purpose box near the bottom of the page, to make sure your donation counts toward our tally!

From Parent News:

A-SPAN Walk to End Homelessness in Arlington 

Discovery’s annual A-SPAN walk to help end homelessness in Arlington is scheduled for Wednesday, March 11th. We encourage students and families to donate through the following link. Be sure to click on the “$20.00 Discovery” button.

In the past, we’ve raised $2389 in 2017, $1665 in 2018, and $1945 in 2019. Our fundraising goal for 2020 is $2500! The Discovery Walk goal of $2500 will provide the funds necessary to purchase everyday household furnishings and supplies for five A-SPAN clients transitioning from the streets to a home. This will help A-SPAN turn an empty 1-bedroom apartment into a cozy place to call home. $3000 will help with the A-SPAN “Make it a Home Fund” that helps clients transition from homelessness to a home, from streets to stability. Think mattresses, pillows, bedframe, lamps, love seat, kitchen tables, cleaning supplies. Think Shower curtains and cleaning supplies. $3000 will also help their next 5 clients move into an apartment and have the everyday things we all need. These funds also allow clients of A-SPAN to purchase items for apartments so individuals have a place to eat, sleep, and rest.




Wednesday, March 11, 2020