Barcroft ES Weekend Bags Program



Discovery has partnered with Barcroft Elementary to help provide pantry staples for the 90+ Barcroft families enrolled in the Weekend Bag Program.


Volunteers are needed to shop for and donate grocery kits (less than $6/kit) and snack bags (less than $2/bag). We encourage getting your children involved by asking them to create a note of kindness (in English or Spanish) to include in the food bag.


Please consider helping our neighborhood families get the essential food they need for the weekend!

There are 2 options to donate grocery kits and snack bags:

  1. Shop, prepack and deliver. Info and sign up here...sign up genius
  2. Shop online and send directly via the wish list:

o   We know it’s sometimes hard to get to the store, so we set up a TARGET wish list to purchase for DELIVERY.  You can have the items delivered directly to us. Visit Target Wish List here…TARGET WISH LIST

o   Please do not sign up on the sign up genius if you choose Target delivery option.

o   Please place order by MONDAY.

o   You will find multiple weeks of groceries on the wish list. You can choose to donate each week individually or do a bulk purchase to support families for the month! Weekly grocery lists are below.

o   Full grocery kits are appreciated.

o   Supplies for snack bags stay the same each week are also included on the wish list. These items are always welcome, in any quantity.

o   If you have any questions regarding the Target Wish List- feel free to email Shannon:


Grocery kit shopping lists:

Week of November 9th

Can of tomato sauce (15 oz)

2 cans of tuna (5 oz each)

Box of crackers (regular size)

Easy mac cup


Week November 16th

Bag of dry beans (1 lb)

Can of diced tomatoes (15 oz)

Box of cereal (regular size - 12 oz ish)

Box of hot cocoa mix (regular size)

1 Ramen pack or Cup Noodle


Week of November 30th

Box of mac and cheese (regular size)

Peanut butter (12-16 oz jar)

Box of crackers

Can of vegetables (15 oz)


Snack Bags:

2 granola bars

2 snack size bags (goldish, pretzels, fruit snacks, etc…)

2 fruit cups or applesauce