Announcing Discovery Elementary's

First World Heritage Night  

Thursday, February 22, 2018, 6-8pm.

The event will give our community a chance to share and celebrate different cultures.  We will have a night filled with beautiful cultural performances, delicious foods from around the world, and a showcase of varied heritages, nations, and countries.  
In order to make this event a success and a memorable experience for our families, we need your participation.  There are four ways your family can participate, in addition to attending:
1) Display of Nations:

Share a piece of your culture at the first annual Discovery World Heritage Night!  Each interested family will have a designated area to share its culture in the fashion of your choice.  Wear your traditional clothes, bring food, a map, souvenirs, pictures, or even make a poster presentation that highlights the beauty of your heritage. 

Your display need not be fancy or professionally done.  Instead, we encourage your children to represent their background as they see it.  We all have something beautiful to share! Students may also wish to represent any country of their choice, does not have to be their own culture!


2) Potluck:  

There's no better way to share your cultural heritage with the Discovery community than by letting us all sample your cuisine!

We invite you to bring in any amount of the dish of your choice - store-bought or homemade - for the first annual Discovery World Heritage Night potluck.  

Favorite comfort food?  An old family recipe?  A dish that tells a story you'd really like to share?  We welcome it all!

Thank you in advance for your generosity, and we can't wait to savor so many delicious treats!

3) Cultural Performances
We are so excited to announce our first annual World Heritage Night at Discovery Elementary School! This will be a wonderful opportunity for the Discovery community to share and celebrate our cultures and heritage through music, dance, fashion, and art.  We are asking our Discovery community to contribute to this beautiful celebration by signing up to do a performance from your cultural background. The performance can include just your child or children or can involve many students from the school community. Each performance can be a maximum of 3 minutes long and we can accommodate a maximum of 10 performances. Once you have signed up, we will contact you for details.  We look forward to seeing the wonderful talent in our student body on World Heritage Night.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!